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Vstork Protecon MRS-20P

VSTORK PROTECON MRS-20P ID.NO. 1571 Stork Protecon separator, type: MRS-20P, serial number: 371, 220 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, diameter output: 200 mm, total dimensions: 3500 mm x 1100 mm x 1750 mm.

Seydelmann MU200

SEYDELMANN MU200 ID.NO. 1133 Seydelmann MU200 mixer/grinder year of production 2001. Fully stainless steel construction very nice condition available ...

Garos Injector + Tenderizer

GAROS INJECTOR + TENDERIZER ID.NO. 0554 Garos GTR128/576 salt injector + tenderizer additive. Year 1997. In good condition, renovated about 2 years ago.

Treif Cubemat-E.

TREIF CUBEMAT-E. ID.NO. 1109 Treif cubemat-E dicer/slicer machine whit lift for eurobins & high capacity 2x tools includes whit the machine.

Treif Phoenix CE 108  

TREIF PHOENIX CE 108 ID.NO. 0983 Trein Phoenix CE 108 dicing machines. Tool set: 25x25mm. In very good condition, perfect for stew etc. Is served by o ...

Vemag Robot 500

VEMAG ROBOT 500 ID.NO. 1610 Vemag Robot 500 vacuum filler year 2011 very little used first owner made a mistake purchase. Suitable for sauces, cheese, creams, soups etc.

Holac BS-28

HOLAC BS-28 ID.NO. 1700 Holac mod BS-28 strip cutter / slicer continuous flow, Variable speeds, Switchable tools for flakes & stipes, Computer control ...

Fomaco FGM 20/72 T

FOMACO FGM 20/72 T ID.NO. 1692 Fomaco FGM 20/72 T tenderizer bandwidth 28 cm 69 stitching needles. Total dimensions 135 x 50 H 180 cm.

GEA-CFS HLT 8000 / 600

GEA-CFS HLT 8000 / 600 ID.NO. 1689 GEA-CFS mod HLT 8000 / 600 suitable for thermic oil heating, heating separately adjustable in two area, adjustable ...

Vulganus spiral freezer

VULGANUS SPIRAL FREEZER ID.NO. 1722 Vulganus spiral freezer with associated freezer models year 2003 refrigerant R-404a. Band width 650 mm height betw ...

Norfo DE Header 346

NORFO DE HEADER 346 ID.NO. 1750 Norfo type 346 de header for fish mobile on wheels and associated feeding tapes.

FTC-Auto PIN Boner

FTC-AUTO PIN BONER ID.NO. 1788 FTC mod Auto Pin Boner year of production 1995 for single row salmon file 'very nice condition easy to use and clean.

CFS TWG 4800 / 600

CFS TWG 4800 / 600 ID.NO. 1812 CFS mod Twg 4800 / 600 double belted oil teflon cooker 2x 4.8 meters roasting area x 60 cm width. Year 2002 was directly withdrawn from production now this spring.

Webmatic APS ML-3300

WEBOMATIC APS ML-3300 ID.NO. 1829 Webomatic mod APS ML-3300 thermoformer with gas & built-in vacuum pump. Foil width 422 mm off 320 mm, dispensing tap ...

Ilpra Speedy V/G

ILPRA SPEEDY V/G ID.NO. 1888 Ilpra speedy V / G tray sealer year of production 2003 vacuum + Gas machine. Built-in vacuum pump 3x different tools. Dimensions Tools as shown.

Reepack Reefast 100

REEPACK REEFAST 100 ID.NO. 1866 Trough sealer Reepack mod Reefast 100 years mod 2004 associated gas mixer. Closes 3x troughs at the same time automatically. Dimensions trough 190 x 140 mm

2x Scm Frigo Uma 120 BTS

2x SCM FRIGO UMA 120 BTS ID.NO. 1855 2x SCM FRIGO mod UMA 120 BTS cooling unit with Bitzer compressor. Year against 2009 refrigerant R404A. Built-in tank. Dimensions 150 x 90 cm H 190 cm

Mettler-Toledo Garvens GMBH

METTLER-TOLEDO GARVENS GMBH ID.NO. 1843 Brand new Mettler-Toledo / Garvens Gmbh check scale year mod 2020 never installed or been in use. Mod C-3331 m ...

Electrolux Tray Dishwasher TW 1 L

ELECTROLUX TRAY DISHWASHER TW 1 L ID.NO. 1688 Electrolux mod Tray dishwasher TW 1 L dishwasher for trays Dimensions 300 x 80 cm H 190 cm.

Tecnovac Linflow

TECNOVAC LINFLOW ID.NO. 1632 Tecnovac modell linflow flowpack completely in stainless very fine condition, High capacity. Perfect for Food packaging, Plastic details etc.

FomacoFGM 16 / 64 F

FOMACO FGM 16 / 64 F ID.NO. 1656 Fomaco salt injector with needles for fish or chicken, it is possible to replace the needles for thicker meat. Year o ...

Jöni Easy 30 & 50 LIT

JÖNI EASY 30 & 50 LIT ID.NO. 1160 2x cooking pots Jöni model easy 30 & 60 liter year mod 2008 electric tip easy to use and repair when needed.

Handtmann TYP 240-21 + 221-01

HANDTMANN TYP 240-21 + 221-01 ID.NO. 1340 Handtmann linker med avvridare och upphängare års mod 1999 mycket fint skick går att köra med VF- 100, 200 samt 300 sprutorna.

Risco+ Townsend

RISCO + TOWNSEND ID.NO. 0941 Risco line with Townsend RT 74 Sausage line with very high capacity. In good condition taken directly from production.

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