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The new Primodan PRIMA

den 18 februari 2023



PRIMA filling

and sealing machines are constructed for filling liquid, semi-liquid and dry products.

The machines will fill and seal ready-made cups, jars or bottles.

PRIMA machines

are very flexible and fast format change-over was the key focus when we first introduced the PRIMA to the market more than 25 years ago.

In the latest and most advanced versions, the machines are supplied with a full servo package enabling recipe handling from the panel.

Changeovers between various cup heights and filling volumes are also handled from the panel.

Buying a


machine will give you access to extensive experience and you get a machine which is tailor-made to fit your needs and requirements.

Add-on features



can be supplied with cassettes in the turntable, enabling production of different cup or bottle sizes in the same machine.

As an option, it can be delivered as a mobile device enabling the machine to be moved around inside the factory for more flexibility.

The features, which can be added to this compact machine are almost the same as for the bigger machine type ROT-O-MIN.

It includes buffers for the cups and snap on lid´s for 20 minutes buffer time, UV sterilization of the sealable lid´s, HEPA sterile air filter and compensator for filling of hot products.

The Prima can also be delivered with its own CIP plant in manual or automatic operation (controlled from the PRIMA touch screen panel).

This is very practical for smaller factories if CIP plants are not already present in the factory, or for bigger factories where the existing CIP plant´s capacity is pushed to the limit. The PRIMA can naturally also be connected to the existing CIP plant.


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